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June/July 2012

What’s up with those toe-shoes?!

Williams Family

I get that question more and more often.  Vibram, Fila, Reebok, Nike and many others are offering “minimalist” shoes, and its becoming more and more confusing what the “best shoe” really is.  Although there is no simple answer, I’ll list a few guidelines that I tell my patients when they are considering a different shoe.

What is it for: If you’re looking for a new shoe, consider what you’ll be doing with it.  Flip-flops and a job in construction clearly don’t go together.  If you have to stand most of the day and want more support, then a bare-foot shoe might not be right for you.  If you’re looking for a cross-trainer, think about the terrain.  Soft grass and dirt are more forgiving than Camelback’s rocky terrain.

What does your foot look like:  If you have a very low arch and consider yourself to have a “flat foot,”  chances are you need a bit more support than you’ll get from a pair of Vibram 5-finger shoes.  Although you could strengthen your foot from wearing a minimalist shoe, you should be careful not wear them for too long.  A minimal shoe won’t give you the support you’d need if you wanted to walk in them for an 8-hour day.  If you’ve never had a foot problem, then try something new and see if it makes anything better or worse.

In the end, you should always listen to your body. If you make a drastic change to footwear and start experiencing pains in places you’ve never felt pains before, then it might be related to those new Skeletoes you just put on. -E. Curtiss Young, PT, MPT, OSR Gilbert Clinic Director

Aaron Williams Signature

Aaron Williams PT, DPT, CSCS

Employee Spotlight Graphic

Shaun PalmerIn this issue of the OSR News, we wish to Spotlight Shaun Palmer, PT, DPT, ATC, a Physical Therapist at our North Phoenix clinic. Originally from Tucson, Shaun received his Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from Grand Canyon University. He then went on to attend the Arizona School of Health Sciences, where he earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He has a strong sports medicine background, furthered by his athletic training degree. He was an intern athletic trainer with the Oakland Raiders medical staff during the 2009 NFL season. Shaun also interned with the Milwaukee Brewers over several different seasons, both as an Athletic Trainer and as a Physical Therapist, and he continues to perform pre-season orthopedic exams for the organization.

Before joining OSR, Shaun spent the first year of his career working in outpatient physical therapy, with an emphasis on sports medicine. He joined the OSR North Phoenix clinic just as he and his wife moved up to the north valley. He is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Shaun also serves as adjunct faculty at Grand Canyon University, teaching in their Athletic Training and Pre-Physical Therapy programs. We are very grateful to have Shaun as a member of our outstanding clinical team here at OSR.

Patient Appreciation Day - Peoria

On April 21st, the OSR Peoria Clinic, along with neighboring businesses within the Plaza del Lago Professional Center, hosted a patient/customer appreciation day. The event was our way of showing our current and past patients how much we appreciate them. Clinic Director Matt Neiberg, PT, MSPT was behind the BBQ cooking up burgers and hot dogs for everyone. We were pleased to have Second Hand Chance, a Grammy nominated country music duo, perform for our guests. We gave away dozens of raffle prizes – gift cards, iPods, digital picture frames, a Wii video game system and even a flat screen TV! Aside from the excitement around the prize table, the dunk tank was a huge hit with the kids on such a hot day. Thanks so much to all who attended - it was a big success!

Here we grow again...

We would like to welcome some new friendly faces to OSR Physical Therapy.

Jeanette McClain Administrative Staff-Peoria clinic

Jami Alexander Administrative Staff- Anthem clinic

Tiffany Gates Administrative Staff- Anthem clinic

Kathy McIlnay Administrative Staff- Anthem clinic

Mariah Jaquez Physical Therapy Tech- Anthem clinic

Andrew Lucero Physical Therapy Tech-Gilbert clinic

CCV STARS Soccer Tournament

OSR was proud to be a sponsor for the CCV Stars “Shoot for the Stars Soccer Tournament” held earlier this year in Peoria. OSR staff had the pleasure of being an on-site presence and acting as a medical first response team for any injuries that may have occurred on the field. This tournament hosted over 200 soccer teams from around the Region. It was an excellent opportunity to make new OSR friends and meet some members of the surrounding Phoenix area communities. It was also a great team building experience for the OSR Staff.

Group Shot

OSR Win-A-Trip Winner!

Shaun PalmerOSR’s Refer-a-friend and Win-A-Trip promotion has produced another big winner! Jackie Wilson, a patient at our Peoria clinic was our most recent winner. Jackie received a Southwest Airlines gift card worth $500! You could be the next winner! This is an ongoing promotion at OSR so there is still plenty of time to get involved. We hope you enjoyed being a patient with us and were absolutely thrilled with your results. Take just a moment and think about those you know - share that good experience with someone else. After all, you send us your referrals and we could be sending you on vacation! Congratulations Jackie and we greatly appreciate the referral of your friends and family.

Anthem Days 2012

During the weekend of March 23rd, OSR participated in the 12th annual Anthem Days. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our booth in the business fair. It is always a pleasure to re-connect with our past patients. Anthem Days Group ShotWe also had the honor of hosting the basketball skills challenge for our 8th year in a row! Many of you came out to show your skills and walked away with over $500 in prizes! It was a wonderful weekend and we look forward to participating again next year.

OSR Car Sticker!

That’s right! OSR Physical Therapy is launching our very own Car Stickers! Show your friends and neighbors where you get the best in Physical Therapy care! Stickers are free to all of our current and past patients and you can even benefit from showing us that you “Like” OSR. We will be giving away many prizes throughout 2012 and you are eligible to win by simply having your sticker visible. Here’s how it works:

1. Pick up your OSR car decal at any of our 4 locations.
2. Place decal on your vehicle
Shaun Palmer 3. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook
4. Let us do the rest. Help us promote the great work we do and put a sticker on for the world to see.
5. Hint: Also give decals to your friends to double your chances.

May is National Posture Awareness Month!

By: Sarah Harwell, PT, DPT

Quit Slouching!  Quick tips for improving posture:

Posture ImagePosture Image

Sitting at Your Computer Work Station: Sit all the way back in the chair. If your feet cannot touch the floor, put a stool underneath them so your legs are supported.  Your computer monitor should be at eye level (avoid looking down at the screen).  Don’t reach for your mouse or keyboard. 

Standing in Line: Feet hip width apart, but staggered, will take the load off your back.  Remember to unlock your knees!

Anytime: Remember to pull your shoulder blades down and back.  This opens your chest and fights the urge to slump.

Exercise:  Strengthening your core and upper back is key is allowing you to stand up taller and have more endurance for prolonged posturing, like sitting at a desk for 8 hours.

Semi Annual Full Company Staff Meeting

On April 19th OSR hosted its first 2012 semi- annual staff meeting. Staff members from all four clinics came together at our Anthem office for this afternoon event. Keynote presentations from Aaron Williams, CEO, Tyler Williams, VPA, Scott Foreman, Dir Community Relations, and Veronica Cantu, Patient Care Rep, focused staff attention on key areas of patient care, company performance, and community responsibility. While taking time away form the clinic, these important meetings prompt us to know each other better and to grow as a team; continually strengthening our effort to provide our patients with the highest quality of care.

OSR Goes to the Races!

We are proud to announce that the OSR logo is featured on a Sprint race car for the 2012 race season. We hosted an employee team building event on the night of April 7th to watch our car in action. At Canyon Speedway in Peoria, we witnessed our car take 2nd place! Former patient Josh Coppoth, a cancer survivor, was our honorary guest. Josh and his family were able to go down to the pits and receive the VIP treatment for the evening, spending some quality time with car owner Dr. John Deuel, the driver and the pit crew. This was a great experience for us and we look forward to following our car this 2012 season. OSR Race Car Sponsor

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Ben Klein Head Athletic Trainer has been accepted into Medical School.

Justin Melson PT.Tech has been accepted into Physical Therapy School.

Kamilia Stanisch PT Tech has been accepted into Physical Therapy School.


  • Charlynn Darrah 11/2
  • Veronica Cantu 6/5
  • Shaun Palmer 7/10
  • Dulce Harju 7/13
  • Kathy McIlnay 7/2
  • James Rush 7/16