New Year, New Partnership, New Glendale Clinic!

New Year, New Partnership, New Glendale Clinic!

Glendale Clinic Opens Doors January 23rd   

Those of you who know our current gym location clinics know we provide a full service physical therapy clinic within a beautifully appointed fitness facility, and this one is no different. Our Glendale clinic sits at just over 1,200 sf inside LA Fitness’ newest update to their floor plan and interior design features.

LA Fitness, the nation’s leader in fitness clubs, reached out to OSR CEO, Aaron Williams, to discuss the possibility of having OSR Physical Therapy as a part of their newest LA Fitness, located in Glendale AZ and even future locations. The gym environment serves several functions for both OSR and LA Fitness. For OSR it creates a positive energy in which helps with the patient’s healing process.  It also provides a great transition for our patients that aren’t from the gym to feel comfortable and to encourage them to consider a membership to continue staying healthy and moving forward in their quest for a healthy life.  Additionally, LA Fitness benefits from having Doctors of Physical Therapy on site to work with personal trainers, members, and staff to answer any medical questions to ensure the workout experience is always the best it can be. 

The Grand Opening date has yet to be determined, however doors open for patients on Monday, January 23rd.   More details coming soon!

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We are very excited to be bringing our services to the Glendale area with the opening of this new OSR clinic, as well as the partnership with LA Fitness to provide a top-notch health and fitness environment to the public. Our staff is committed to providing only the very best in physical therapy and rehabilitation services to the Glendale community, and we look forward to serving those in need of help for many years to come!" - Aaron Williams, President, CEO